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Divis manufacture API's for the Generics. As a company Divis understand that sustained development is not possible without respecting IPR. Divis takes great care to ensure that its products or processes do not infringe valid patents.

Divis is actively involved in developing alternate, patent non-infringing processes for APIs, for the inventors to manage late life cycle and leading generic drug manufacturers.


Divis supplies advanced intermediates for generic APIs that are already out of patent, as also for APIs which are about to enter generic status shortly. Here again, Divis has tie-ups with both original inventors and generic API manufacturers.

Protected Amino Acids

Divis has built up a strong base in the manufacture of BOC, FMOC and CBZ protected amino acids, the protecting reagents themselves, peptide condensing agents, totally synthetic, natural and novel unnatural amino-acids and oligopeptides.

Divis has invested heavily in knowledge, equipment and man-power to expand in this technology area which is sophisticated, challenging and of course rewarding. Currently, Divis is a major manufacturer of protected amino-acids.

Chiral Synthesis

Divis has an established and proven expertise in stereo selective synthesis using chiral ligands, high yield resolutions using chirally active resolving agents, recovery of resolving agents and ligands, recycling of undesirable isomers, resolutions involving enzymes and manufacture of novel ligands like binol, binap and so on.

Carotenoids (Synthetic) and Nutraceuticals

Divis has succeeded in developing multistep total synthesis of important carotenoids like Apocarotenal, Betacarotene, Lycopene, Astaxanthin, Canthaxanthin etc.

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