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Safety within each plant and environment protecting technologies and systems are an integral part of every Divis initiative. We understand the importance of safety and environment protection procedures not only at an ethical plane but we also believe that a corporate can make healthy profits by complying with these requirements and in turn better its image and reputation.

Environment Protection Initiatives

The Unit-1 at Hyderabad has a Comprehensive Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) to treat liquid effluent chemically & biologically (aerobic & anaerobic) to the specified standards including a specially designed Incinerator for handling Solid & Semi-solid organic waste. The effluents are heated to very high temperature and thermally oxidised. As a new concept Solar energy has been taken to evaporate high TDS effluents as part of energy conservation. This is the first plant of its kind using solar energy to evaporate the effluents.

Divis manufacturing facilities are the first among the few facilities in India having its own comprehensive waste water treatment plants. Divis is also the first Company in India to have attained (the ISO-14001 certification from the Swiss Council for Accreditation) for its environmental management systems. Divis has also put together sophisticated technologies like solvent re-use for world-class environmental management system. A green belt has been developed to use the treated water in 75 acres of land.

A well developed Effluent Treatment plant is available at Unit-2 comprising of 300 m sea jetty to -9 M sea level, Several holding tanks of capacity 110 million liters plus, and 1.5 M x 1.5 M concrete drain duct from direct plant area to sea from 1.6 Km distance. Treated water is discharged into the sea through a sub merged piping at about 1 km from the jetty.

Unit-2 has a state-of-the-art Incineration system comprising pyrolyser, post combustion chamber, venturi scrubbing system, flue gas droplet separator, re-circulation tank and chimney. Unit-2 at Chippada near Vizag has a forestry with over 500,000 trees covering over a quarter of its total area.

Safety Initiatives

In an endeavour to ensure maximum safety, Divis encourages employee participation in extensive safety training and involves them in activities organized on various occasions like National Safety Week, etc.

To identify potential hazards, all new production processes undergo a thorough scrutiny, before the manufacturing process begins. The company also conducts in-house hazard studies (HAZOP) for which it has trained a pool of managers. All manufacturing and R&D locations are subjected to a detailed safety audit and risk assessment exercise (RAE).

Divis takes great pride in its Safety policies and conducts safety audits internally. Divis is also OHSAS 18001 certified by BVQI, London which carries out audit every 6 months. Divis has got awards for its safety systems and safety both from Govt. of India, Ministry of Labor and National Safety Council of India for its frequency rate & severity rate.

Fire Hydrant & Foam Sprinkler System

There is a Fire hydrant system including a foam sprinkler system. Each of the reaction vessels are provided with this system so that in case of any unexpected emergencies, these can be operated from outside the production block. The Fire hydrant system is activated on Diesel operated pumps, therefore it can be operated even in case of a total power off. These are further supported by a 2 million liters water storage facility.

Fire Alarm & Smoke Detection Systems

All the Warehouses have been provided with Fire alarm & smoke detection system including main archives and QC.

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