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R & D

The main aim of the Divis R&D Centers is to design, develop and optimize commercially viable synthetic processes for APIs and Intermediates of Generics and customer's discovery products.

Divis has four Research & Development facilities. The main R&D Center is at Hyderabad, working round the clock which was originally started as Divis Research Center (DRC) in Hyderabad and has a team of high caliber scientists.

Autoclaves and hydrogenators are available for conducting high temperature and high-pressure experimental reactions. The Centers have state-of-the-art instruments like automated multifunctional reaction systems , an analytical laboratory and a library with 24 hours internet access. Divis R&D has evaluated more than 500 product opportunities and developed processes for more than 200 products, out of which 80 are already at commercial scale.

Apart from the above, each plant has its own R&D center.

Besides the required infrastructure, the Hyderabad plant's R&D center has a Pilot Plant for scale-up studies, various materials of construction comprising 44 reactors of from 100 to 2000 Lt. capacity various materials of construction. All Four Research facilities are inspected and certified as per ISO 9000 standards.

Hyderabad plant R&D centre has the GMP Kilo lab having 5 all glass reaction units from 20 lts to 100 lts and all the necessary equipment to make API under GMP.

The third well equipped research facility of Divis at Visakhapatnam is primarily engaged in on process and commercial scale viability studies..

Chemical Hazard evaluation lab is attached to R&D at Hyderabad facility to conduct reaction calorimetry and is run by group of chemical Engineers and chemists.All the processes are evaluated and necessary recommendations are given to run the process commercially.

There is a pool of more than 250 scientists working in all the four research centers. Both DRC-Hyderabad and DRC-Vizag have been recognized by the Department of Science & Technology of Govt. of India, as industry research centers. The DRC-HYD centre is also recognized by a few universities for doctoral work.

Broad areas of engagement of the Research Centers:

Development of alternative routes of synthesis to achieve patent non- infringement.
Study and development of less hazardous and safer process, avoiding corrosive and harmful reagents, solvents, process conditions etc.
Development of environment friendly effluent and/or waste by products.
Attempts to recycle by products and achieve zero waste output.
Achieve higher quality product.
Optimizing production efficiency and economy of scale without sacrificing quality.

R&D Units also carry out Process Justification, Cleaning Procedures, Specification Development, Analytical Method Development, Rework Procedures, Validation Studies, Stability Studies and Investigations.

Focus areas of engagement of each Research Center:

DRC - Hyderabad

Contract Research and investigations/studies in new areas of chemistry like peptides, nucleotides, carbohydrates and Projects of some leading multi-national pharmaceutical companies.

DRC - Vizag
Development of patent non- infringing processes for APIs going off-patent in the near future.

R&D - Unit-1 AND Unit-2

Evaluation of technologies from customer or the company's research centers, completion of process justification, process optimization, scale-up, pilot studies and validation. R&D also gives process support and implements process improvements in the Plants. A few of the process improvements developed at Divis have also been implemented on client’s sites after maturation.

R&D is responsible for conducting the chemical hazard evaluation studies.

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