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Divis is actively associated with various community development activities in the villages around the company�s manufacturing facilities. Divis contributed to the following community development programs either on its own or through voluntary/Government organizations:

   Drilling bore wells and providing drinking water
   Merit Scholarships to Degree and Intermediate students
   Supply of free note books in primary, upper primary and high schools
   Provision of additional teachers in schools
   Veterinary camps for cattle and sheep
   Eye camps and cataract operations for under privileged villagers
   Free dental camps
   Health check-up for School children
   Pulse polio immunization and family planning operations
   Desilting of canals/irrigation tanks and construction of check-dams and farmer
   training programmes
   Contribution to women welfare programmes
   Support to programs sponsored by the Government of Andhra Pradesh for the
   development of villages

Divis believes that corporates need to look at the big picture and need to take social development as one of their prime concerns. It is only when a society at large develops that company�s progress. To that effect Divis contributes its little might to the overall progress of society.

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