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Unit 2 | Visakhapatnam

Divi's Laboratories Limited, Unit-2 plant at Visakhapatnam (also known as Vizag) is located at Chippada Village, about 35 K north of Vizag. The plant is about 1.5 KM away from East Coast of India.

-The Unit-2 plant initially started with 4 production blocks with a total capacity of 745 M3 reaction volume in 2003.

-The site stretches on a 314 Acre land and a quarter of the land is covered with good plantation.

The built up area comprises of Production, QC, Administration Block, Canteen, Warehouse and several Non-plant / utility buildings, besides other infrastructure.

The Visakhapatnam facility has been certified for the following management systems.

ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems
ISO 14001 for Environmental Management Systems
OHSAS 18001 for Occupational health and safety systems
HACCP for Food Safety System

-The production buildings have finished product areas for APIs with clean air, purified water systems that comply to cGMP guidelines.

-There are special areas in production blocks to handle Corrosive, Cyanation, Hydrogenation, Bromination, Nitration reactions and a separate high vacuum distillation production block.

-It has services for cooling with Liquid Nitrogen, Brine, Cool water, Heating with thermal oil or steam.

-Warehouses & Bulk Solvent Storage Tank farms.

-Full fledged R&D centre is developed to support the production.

-Well equipped quality control centre & in-process quality control centre and developed to support the RM, in-process & product needs.

- An elaborate Quality Assurance & Training Centre is developed to support QA needs.

-DRC (Divi's Research Centre) is also developed on site.

-The facility is equipped with a dedicated 132 KV power / sub-station on site providing uninterrupted power supply.

-The facility has well designed Environmental Protection Units like.

* A modern Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) with latest equipment like diffusion aerators, air blowers, forced evaporation and special treatment facility etc., handles liquid effluents and treats them chemically and biologically (aerobic & anaerobic) to the specified standards.
* Well equipped ETP laboratory, Microbiology laboratory and Bio-Assay laboratory
* An 50 cum/hr capacity Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant
* Well designed Incinerator to incinerate solid, liquid & gaseous wastes
* Elevated sludge drying beds, wind protection walls
* Adequate scrubbing systems
* Ambient air monitoring stations at different locations with scrolling facility at the entrance gate.
* Well laid drainage systems throughout the plant
* Well designed fire fighting system with foam sprinklers

-Also in the year 2006 an area of 260 acres was approved and notified as Sector Specific Special Economic Zone in Pharma Sector with Divi's Laboratories Limited as a Developer and Divi's (SEZ) as a production unit. Seven Production Blocks with a capacity of 1379 M3 of reaction volume was developed with all infrastructure. The total exports from SEZ to date amounted to Rs. 1212 Crores.

-In 2007 Divis developed a Nutraceutical production block with exclusive R&D and Pilot Plant for the production of Nutraceutical products.

-In the month of April 2010 a Second SEZ production facility (DSN-SEZ) was approved with an additional area of 23 acres acquired by the company. Four production blocks with all necessary infrastructure is envised for construction at an estimated cost of Rs. 200 Crores. The project work started in July 2010 and expected to go into production by March, 2011.

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